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To develop a beauty routine from the ground up can take years and a long voyage of trial and error, which can be extremely expensive in the long run. With the increasing popularity of skincare bundles, trying out our little bundles of beauty products makes it easy to round out your skincare lineup with products that you know will work for your skin.

Fortunately, thebeautygarage has took notice of your skin troubles and is making it easier to accomplish fool-proof daily routines by packaging best-selling formulas together in one convenient box. Skin care sets and bundles, which contain items that have been specifically chosen to complement one another, allow us to trick our way to a fairly good skin care routine.

It is reasonable to say that we have provided you with an abundance of options. With so many skin and hair care sets available, you may finally luxuriate in a routine that continues to keep your skin feel and look its best for as long as you like. So, for your feasibility, we have come with hair kits, supplements, and skin products at very reasonable prices.

Baby Bundle

Old Price :Rs. 6600

Rs. 5280

Anti Acne Prone Oily Skin

Old Price :Rs. 5500

Rs. 4400

Skin Brightening Bundle

Old Price :Rs. 7800

Rs. 6240

Anti Dry Skin Bundle

Old Price :Rs. 11500

Rs. 9200

Anti Hair Loss Bundle

Old Price :Rs. 21600

Rs. 17280